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MonkeySports makes transition to GoalieMonkey Superstore in Santa Ana

To all the hockey goalies out there, your dream has finally come true; a store dedicated to the position that makes or breaks a hockey team, the goalie. Every goalie is familiar with and the great prices and selection that are always available there, but until now, it was near impossible to find the gear in a store to try on before you bought it. The new GoalieMonkey Superstore is designed to provide the complete fitting experience in a 15,000 square foot store. The expert customer service representatives know all the ins and outs of goalie and are there to help make sure you get the gear that is right for you, at a price that is right for you. With over 850 leg pads in stock, and hundreds more on the way, you are bound to find the perfect set. And if your perfect set isn’t something off the shelf, don’t worry; our customer service representatives are there to assist you with your custom order as well.
For directions, hours of operation, and more information, check out

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  • Sherry Kootstra

    Hallelujah! FINALLY! A store dedicated to just goalies!

    My son has been playing travel hockey for 5 years. He LOVES being the goalie.

    It was always diffcult to find equipment that fit him properly without the hassel, having to order online and return items that weren’t what we anticipated.

    We have been ordering from Goalie Monkey online, and we would stop by Monkey Sports if we had a game in Anaheim, but the store had limited items in stock. We are looking forward to this weekend to do some serious shopping!

    Thank you!


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